Happy New Year

I couldn’t understand the concept of this day
but it seems to be the case – anyway:
That on first, month the first, people say
wishes for the next 365 forthcoming days.

Why only for the year that comes ahead,
and should the wishes end with year dead?
I wouldn’t like to think this way,
so here listen to my pray:

I wish you in all winters safe, warm place
full of kids and relatives so just in case
to love and be loved and joy to spread,
loneliness to cast in shred!

In the spring, energy and love
to go and seek the magic dove
to find, or to keep already
the half of you that is steady!

In the summer – nice and full
loads of goods from your pull
of work and sweat..we can bet
that you deserve it – so enjoy it!

In all year round, for rest of the journey
keep the smile and be sweet as honey,
and all the luck and happy faces
will return to you as aces!


Rating 4.50 out of 5
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