Colleagues, friends – my dear gems,
it’s this time to put a rhyme.
A little “Hey” to you to say,
to cast a shine-not design,
or at least to try, though I am shy.
Today I return only to adjourn
my precious stay at Interoute’s bay!
Yep, it’s true – I am through
working here, oh, dear…
It started all long time ago,
it survived heat and snow,
people, cases and many faces.
I feel richer with experiences which’re
big and pleasant, but new ones are missing at present.
I feel the need to go and seek new deed,
to challenge myself, not to be just a shelf
with books and cases in all the places!
I say farewell to all of you in this…office J
You may have heard Ivo is a…man J
And I honestly admit, I may have deserved it,
But I did not wanted to,
so I want to ask for forgiveness too
and please accept my dear regret.
I hope you’ll do as you already knew
it has been the place, not the face!
And at Bokovka with pivo you can join Ivo
today after COB to drink and see
each other before I depart
for my new place of the heart!

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