The trip back home

I am writing this post for all foreigners, who intend to travel to Bulgaria.



The problem is not traveling to Bulgaria, the problem is traveling away. Always. This country will make everything to stop you.

Will rob you and leave you without money, if you survive, then airport will be closed, buses will stop, train will burn, borders will be shuted.

What happen to me, when I tried to get back home(Prague) from Bulgaria.

My flight was at 20:00 on 3th of January 2009.

It has been showing the same day since noon, but there was snow cover of 15cm. It is little amount, compared to some other airports.

But NONE from the day shift decided to clean the runaway.

This I stayed borded in the airplane for 5 hours and 14 minutes till quoter past 1 o’clock in the morning of 4th of January.

Because there were not enough snow cleaning machines, only one de-icing machine and only two airplanes took off each two hours.


More unbelievable thing is that, all Bulgarian media were lying, because they made poor coverage of the story. They always do this ,because they are either unprofesional, or are corupted or both!

The lies consist of that, in this situation (bare snowing and 15cm of snow cover) a normal AIrport would close, but – Sofia airport, as unormal airport cannot close. It can reveal it’s country inabilities to make the things right way.

Now, 20:53 CET Sofia Airport is closed for 5 hours – since half past four pm. In Sofia is snowing since half past two pm.

Everything in Bulgaria si corupted. A vast amount of management staff in state companies are unprofesionals, not knowing what to do and when, just because they are cousins to the right people.

It is pathetic and unbearable!

You can listen to the towers of all airports from here:

Sofia airport code is LBSF

Good luck, but now they are shut down!

If you can read Buglarian, here is the forum theme about this and the situation on the night of 3rd of January 2009:

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One Response to The trip back home

  1. Boyan Sotirov says:

    I understand that you’re very upset regarding your trip back home Ivo. My comment will be very short.
    You know there’s a saying which I’ll try to rephrase in English: Whether I’m proud of or not – I’m a bulgarian, so it’s better to be proud of.
    Well anyway, I admit that the whole country is a mess, there are a lot of problems. But there’re also a lot of things which are unique and interesting here. So why we should advice the foringners not to visit the country? Well, after all they should be doing it on their own risk and judge by themselfs. I’m quite sure that you can get robbed or decieved almost anywhere. It’s more like a function of luck, clear consciense and the particular situation you’re in…

    Take care,

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