Bratříčku, Zavírej Vrátka

This is in english, so I can say I am sorry for what my ancestors made to czech people in 1968.

To my fellow bulgarians, a short story.

The song bellow became an anheim to all czechs after the Warsaw troops occupied former Czechoslovakia in 1968 on 21st of August.

Writer and singer is Karel Kryl. He was really really right to say in thos song: “tato noc nebude krátká” – This night will not be short.

Indeed the night ended in 1989 – 21 years later.


Bratříčku, Zavírej Vrátka :

Bratříčku nevzlykej to nejsou bubáci

vždyť už jsi velikej to jsou jen vojáci

přijeli v hranatých železných maringotkách

Se slzou na víčku hledíme na sebe:

Buď se mnou bratříčku bojím se o tebe

na cestách klikatých bratříčku v polobotkách

Prší a venku se setmělo

tato noc nebude krátká

Beránka vlku se zachtělo

Bratříčku – zavřel jsi vrátka?

Bratríčku nevzlykej neplýtvej slzami

nadávky polykej a šetři silami

Nesmíš mi vyčítat jestliže nedojdeme

Nauč se písničku není tak složitá

opři se bratříčku cesta je rozbitá

Budeme klopýtat zpátky už nemůžeme

Prší a venku se setmělo

tato noc nebude kratká

Beránka vlku se zachtělo

Bratříčku – zavírej vrátka!
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2 Responses to Bratříčku, Zavírej Vrátka

  1. Владимир says:

    I believe you can say “I am sorry” in all languages.
    It doesn’t matter that “this is in English”! You can say “Съжалявам” even in Bulgarian.
    The main point is that you have reached the idea that the things what your ancestors had made in 1968 in Czechoslovak Republic were not good.

    About Bulgarian position during “Prague spring 1968” there are many controversial opinions but in fact the truth is one – All type of aggression is not good.

    The other point which has to be considered is Bulgaria could refuse to send soldiers in Prague?

    Maybe yes! But maybe in hundred years time our inheritors will make precise analysis of this.
    Now is too early, to be correct – a lot of people taken part, who had taken part in this invasion, are still alive and even in active political life.

    I personally believe that Soviet aggression (including Bulgarian army as part of Warsaw pact) against Czechoslovakia was one big mistake.
    Now we can say only “I am sorry for Bulgarian participation in Prague summer 1968”!

    And of course we take a look at the documents about 1968.
    Every one could make conclusions about the facts based on documents. In my opinion the site below presents really real documented facts for 1968 – in Czechoslovakia and in Bulgaria. Of course there are some personal memories but real documents are good point to start thinking about our history
    Unfortunately it is only in Bulgarian for the moment but it is good project:

  2. Boyan Sotirov says:

    Yes Ivo,
    I believe Vladimir has a point here. Why only in English? But anyway I think that the biggest obstacle for most people (especially in Bulgaria) is not to get to the point when they realize that they’re wrong. To me one of the best qualities in one’s character is to be able to realize one’s mistakes and to judge them in an objective manner. It’s something very hard to find these days.


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